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About Berwick United Church Camp

image_3Berwick Camp beacons you to join in a community of faith and love, housed under a canopy of hemlocks.


This wonderfully unique encampment dates back to 1872, and was shaped by Methodist church, under the leadership of E.C. Foster.  After Union in 1925, the United Church of Canada took over and continues to operate the camp.

As you enter through the tall white wooden gates, you enter a magical place. A community nestled amoungst the hemlocks. Breathe deeply and smell the aroma of hemlocks and pine needles, as you enter one of the oldest hemlock groves in eastern North America. The majestic beauty of the trees, some hundreds of years old, tower above you as you worship and play for the duration of camp.


The grounds have a variety of accommodation options available. There are rustic cottages, dormitory accommodations, and campsites.

Mind & Spirit

Whatever your style of worship we have something to meet your spiritual needs.

Enjoy the peacefulness of the early morning and as you stop by the Morningside worship.

Join in the thought provoking Theology for Today each weekday morning.

Sunday services and daily evening worship are lead by our guest preacher as campers gather together to worship outdoors under the hemlocks (there is also a covered pavilion in case of rain!)

Music has always been an integral part of worship at Berwick.  Whether it is the evening sing songs, the talented choir singing during daily worship, or the rousing voices of the children and youth, music touches the hearts of many here at camp.

Spend some time at our labyrinth, in peaceful contemplation.

Read a book … engage in discussion with others in our Book club.

Food & Friendship

Enjoy a coffee and chat with neighbours, and friends, new and old.  Drop by the UCW cookie cottage.  It is one of the most popular stops at camp.  Rumour has it that in our 10 day camp, Berwick campers go through 500 dozen cookies!!  Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in great company.

Gather with other campers for meals in our community dining hall (built back in 1912!). Three meals are offered daily. All are welcome to enjoy a variety of delicious meals served up by our talented kitchen staff, and assisted by dedicated volunteers. The meals are served by our teenage campers, who are always there to greet you with a smile.

Just wanting a quick bite to eat? Stop by Wendall’s canteen and grab a burger, hotdog, or homemade soup… and don’t forget to check out the sweet “Treat of the Day” … it is not to be missed!

And following each evening service, make a beeline for the ice cream line up! A great place to catch up with fellow campers as you wait in line for the best deal on ice cream ever!

Youth Programming & Recreation (for all!)

Our children and youth are offered wonderful programming throughout the week. Daily Vacation Bible School is held each morning offering lots of fun for children from age 4 to grade 5. Youth programming is offered to those in grade 6, up through high school. Combine that with some friendly competition in horseshoes, basketball and volleyball. Scavenger hunts, themed parties and musicals. Jumping in puddles, swinging on swings… Well…. the fun never ends.


Nestled in the middle of the lovely valley town of Berwick, you are never far from anything you would need. Conveniences such as an ATM, Tim Horton’s, fresh pizza, a pharmacy, a bakery and grocery stores are within a mile of the gates. There are also many wonderful farm markets in the town and surrounding area.

The Berwick Experience

All of this describes what we have to offer at Berwick…. But what makes it so very special to all who spend time under the hemlocks? Friendships that last a lifetime. Laughter. Hugs. Memories created and treasured through generations of returning campers. Peacefulness. A haven for rejuvenation and renewal. Intergenerational activities that unite old and young alike. What are you waiting for? Join in the experience. It may just be the best thing you’ve ever done!

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Berwick Camp Rises Again

Berwick Camp Rises Again
By Beth Johnston

Situated in a grove of hemlock trees in the Annapolis Valley town of Berwick, NS, Berwick Camp has been offering campers a unique experience for 142 years. As the result of a devastating storm in December of 2010, during which hundreds of massive hemlock trees fell, destroying cabins, and the electrical and water systems, the future of the camp was in peril.

Despite the destruction, the decision was made that Camp in 2011 would indeed take place; tears were dried and people began to plan and work. Thousands of hours later, with thanks to many donations, insurance money, paid and donated labor, and a team that could stretch both to their limits, the camp did open that July and has every summer since.

While the camp program has always depended on its volunteers, during the “re-build” phase, campers also held numerous fundraising events in their home communities and volunteered many hours at the camp ensure the goal was realized.

Heavily damaged by the falling trees, two favorite cottages have been rebuilt. The UCW Cookie Cottage is again open to conduct its ministry of hospitality and the Polka-Dot Cottage, with a new multi-colored roof, is once again guiding children to their VBS sessions. All damaged or destroyed cottages are back in place and a new “radio station” has replaced the speakers in the trees for those who cannot attend the evening services in person.

Berwick Camp Meeting Grounds: Past and Future

While the newly planted trees will take hundreds of years to reach the size of the ones they replace, in September of 2012 the “rebuild” was declared complete. A long “to do” list, and a financial campaign, look to the future as the camp seeks to maintain a vital and active ministry to future generations of those who cannot imagine life without a week under the hemlocks.