Fall Update 2018

Berwick Camp Fall 2018 Update


Kitchen Reno Update

dining hall photo

To help everyone understand the full scope of this project, we would like to share the report from Property and Grounds as given to the Board for our Fall Meeting:

The kitchen renovation began on September 10th, as planned. While great progress has been made, the frequent rain we have received over the past six weeks or so has put the project behind schedule, probably by three to four weeks.



Highlights of work to date include:

  • Removal of equipment, etc. from old kitchen
  • Demolition of old kitchen
  • Excavation for new foundation and crawl space
  • Pouring of concrete footings and foundation walls
  • Discovery of structural issues with the load-bearing interior wall between the kitchen and dining room
  • Providing proper foundation support for the interior wall between the kitchen and dining room
  • Rebuilding the interior wall between the kitchen and dining room
  • Placing new floor support system and joists for kitchen
  • Installing sub-floor for kitchen
  • Building new exterior walls for extension
  • Framing roof for extension
  • Installation of metal roof for extension
  • Excavation for concrete pad for new electrical transformer
  • Constructing drywell for eaves trough water runoff
  • Installing and primer painting floor for kitchen
  • Grading road for proper water run-off
  • Lowering water and sewer lines in road to account for road grading

Endless thanks to Eric, Tim and Karen for their continuing work!

 Dining hall additiondining hall reno 2 inside dining hall reno dining hall photo








Our dedicated Site Manager Karen Sanford, is indeed still there! Although the regular end of season camp closing tasks are done, Karen has been an invaluable presence on the grounds during the reno. She has played a consultative role in the build and is the “eyes and ears” on the ground as Eric can’t always be there. Karen has directed deliveries, painted, cleaned and is our trusted representative when outside folks are working in our Camp. Karen has also been doing some mapping of the sewer and water lines as well as administrative work in the office. A huge thank you to Karen for her extra time this Fall!


Fall Craft Fair 

A Fall craft fair was planned and executed by Camper Trina Keith. It was a lovely set up in the Waterville Fire Hall, with many amazing crafters. Campers greeted those arriving and offered information about Berwick Camp while enticing them with some wonderful baked goods for sale! Between this and the sale of the Christmas Cards she designed, Trina has brought in approximately $1400 for our Camp. We are so grateful for her hard work and dedication!


Thank you so much for your thoughtful giving. 90 people are on PAR for their monthly donations to Camp. 84 people pay their registration and accommodation costs this way which spreads out the cost for the individual, and helps the Camp by having money to draw on for bills throughout the year.  We continue to be able to receive donations by contacting Dawn Wood, our Treasurer, at treasureruccma@gmail.com or 902-889-9020. She takes cheques, paypal payments and etransfers! With the Kitchen Reno outlined above, we can definitely use your thoughtful donations, big and small. We are grateful to Dawn for her daily work on behalf of our camp.


Berwick Christmas Gifts 

Also regarding giving, if you need a Christmas present for a Camper, there are still Berwick Camp magnet sets available, a set of 7 for $30 (chris.crooks@eastlink.ca) as well as Berwick Camp Christmas cards, a set of 12 for $10. (sweet-0123@hotmail.com)  Treasurer Dawn Wood would also be pleased to assist you in giving a donation in someone’s name, or paying something towards a new or returning camper’s 2019 registration, meals or accommodations.

 150 Celebrations

Plans are underway for Berwick 150! Our Berwick Camp 150 committee, chaired by Lorne Nehring, has discussed many possibilities to make this celebration joyous and memorable in terms of events, leadership, Berwick Camp merchandise and memorabilia. Our $150 for 150 challenge (giving above and beyond regular donations) has realized $1825 to date. Stay tuned!