Spring Update 2018

Berwick Camp Spring Update

May 2018

Site Manager Karen Sanford, and Maintenance Preston Ilsley, started working on the grounds on Monday, April 23rd. Their list of tasks is endless, but has included and will include:

  • Looking for damage/leaks from the winter
  • Turning on all water connections
  • Gathering brush and chipping
  • Leveling roads
  • Improving the Muster stations
  • Checking and placing all fire extinguishers
  • Sorting scrap lumber
  • Putting all garbage and green bins out
  • Replacing batteries in all smoke detectors and emergency lights
  • Getting Camp maps back up
  • Emptying the Covered Pavilion
  • And much, much more!

The housekeeping staff, Jennifer, Freddie and Sandy, have also been back for 2-3 weeks and have already cleaned the front and back row of cottages and the 200’s and much of the Dorms!

Let’s remember to thank these hard working folks when we get to Camp. Their love for the grounds is very visible.

Kitchen Reno Update

Your Property and Grounds team Eric Schurman and Tim O’Brien have also been hard at work all winter laying the ground work for the much needed kitchen renovation starting September 10thof this year. This involved many on site visits working with numerous contractors, fire inspectors, building inspectors, health inspectors and an engineer to create 28 different quotes for materials and labour for the renovation which will be in keeping with all applicable codes, and the creation of a timeline for each of them to do their piece in coordination with all of the others. It also involved creating plans from the roughest of drawings to, dozens of measurements later, professional blueprints outlining the final floorplan and equipment placement . They have also researched and purchased thousands of dollars of kitchen equipment to firmly situate us into the 21stcentury! This includes a steamer cabinet and a double stack convection oven. Some of our equipment was just no longer able to be rehabilitated. The new kitchen appliances (some of which will be in use for this year’s encampment) will use electricity rather than propane, which is a huge leap up the safety spectrum. This transition requires a lot of thinking, consultation and planning. Another extraordinary pair to thank upon arrival to Camp!

Thoughtful Giving 

Thank you so much for your thoughtful giving. 90 people are on PAR for their monthly donations to Camp. 84 people pay their registration and accommodation costs this way which spreads out the cost for the individual, and helps the Camp by having money to draw on for bills throughout the year.  We continue to be able to receive donations, either with your registration for Camp, or by contacting Dawn Wood, our Treasurer, at treasureruccma@gmail.comor 902-889-9020. With the Kitchen Reno outlined above, we can definitely use your thoughtful donations, big and small. We are so grateful to Dawn for her daily work on behalf of our camp.

Camp Preparation Weekend

The dates for Camp Preparation weekend are June 8-11th. All meals and accommodations are provided, free of charge. Activities for all different skill levels are available: Raking, cleaning, kitchen duties, heavier labour, painting and sewing, are just some of the things that have happened in previous years! It is a wonderful time with members of the Berwick Camp community, and a glorious opportunity to see, smell and experience Camp as we count down the last 6 weeks. Please let Tim O’Brien know if you are coming tim.obrien@bellaliant.ca

Newcomer Discount!

This year, to welcome newcomersto Camp, we are again offering a 50% discount to first timers staying in dorms, tents and trailers. This can also be offered to folks returning after 15 or more years away from Camp. Think about the people in your life, at your church, in your neighborhood, or your children’s school, and invite someone to join us for some fun and connection under the hemlocks. 

Please take care and we look forward to seeing you in July! (or even sooner at Camp Preparation weekend !)