Fall Update 2016

Berwick Camp Fall Update

The scores are in! Our attempt to leave the camp in good shape, after our less than stellar performance last year, was much, much better. In 2015 we scored 2/10. This year we received an 8/10. Good work everybody. In 2017 we will aim for a perfect score. A few tweaks with our accommodation exit, such as lights off, windows and doors closed, and continued attention to garbage sorting will help a lot!

On Saturday September 24th, the first Berwick Camp Fall Bazaar was held. What a wonderful event! Thirty crafters, a yard sale, entertainment in the Covered Pavilion, a tea with the most delicious and beautiful sandwiches and squares you have ever seen, tours, a kid zone, and a Bake and Craft sale benefitting Berwick Camp were all part of this day. Under the very capable leadership of Carol Ann Naugler, 20-30 campers helped cook, decorate, prepare food, set up stations, deliver service and clean up after! A special shout out also to Trina Keith who booked all the crafts tables, and brought her family out in full force to work very hard! And a second one to Site Manager Karen who gave all day as a volunteer! Many local people came into camp for the first time ever, and commented on its beauty. Gratitude goes out to those who came and slept in the “sort of cold” cottages and worked so hard, and also to the many folks who sent baking, crafts, and/or drove down to Christmas shop! It was also wonderful to have Berwick campers there as craftspeople. We have a talented bunch of campers! Funds raised exceeded $1200 and now that we have done it once, much brainstorming is happening as to how to raise even more money next year!

Did you know that Karen, our site manager, and Jack, one of the staff, are still on the grounds working hard every day? Here is just a partial list of what they have been doing and are still up to:

  • Cleaning green bins and garbage barrels

  • Lugging wood, that was cut previously, to the road

  • Transferring belongings from the Birch/Spruce/Hemlock/Maple apts and another cottage to facilitate demolition and building

  • Yearly inventory in each cottage

  • Cottage inspection and close up

  • Chipping lumber

  • Putting benches back into the Covered Pavilion

  • Putting away fire extinguishers, hoses and hand sanitizers

  • Water shut down, draining and adding antifreeze for pipe safety

  • Moving keyboards to walk-in cooler

  • Winterizing grey water tubs

  • Winterizing golf carts

  • Closing shutters

  • Removing fire alarm and exit light batteries

  • Answering email inquiries/concerns

  • Handling walk/drive-ins

  • Supporting carpenters/electricians/plumbers or others who are doing work in the camp

We are so fortunate to have trustworthy, reliable staff who love the camp and take care of it so well.

In terms of new projects on the grounds, work on the Special Care washroom is progressing and it has been painted, thanks to our resident painters Ivan and Judy Norton. They have also been working on painting a couple of cottages.

The Birch/Spruce/Hemlock/Maple apartments and Cottage 102 have been taken down in preparation for their much needed replacement. Work on the new C102 is currently underway.

We have had several meetings with local Fire Experts in the Berwick/Kings County area. Due to policy and regulations regarding fire safety, much work is being done on behalf of the Camp and all Berwick campers and other users of our campgrounds. More is being required of us in terms of record keeping, maps, drills and education. We will share more on this in the Spring, but, in the meantime, evacuation paths and muster stations are being scouted, our own Fire Safety manual is being written, and Fire Wardens are being designated and trained. Each camper will need to become familiar with the different evacuation routes in Camp and what to do in the event of an evacuation. Anyone requiring assistance in this situation can talk with any Board member to get direction in formulating a plan.

Despite our number of campers being up significantly this year (approximately 45 more than last year) our offerings and donations, which fund our Capital projects, were somewhat down from previous years. If you would like to make a donation to Berwick Camp, now is a great time as we finish out the year with payroll, tidy up bills and continue as much work as possible before the snow flies. In addition, it is also possible to make a donation in someone’s name, as a Christmas or birthday gift. Our treasurer Dawn Wood would be pleased to send you a card reflecting your donation, to be used at the time of giving. Dawn can be reached at (902) 889-9020 or dawnwood46@gmail.com This year we have also ordered sets of 6 Berwick Camp magnets. These will be available for Christmas gifts if you so desire. Stay tuned for details and pictures.

We wish all of you a healthy and happy Autumn!!