Pre Authorized Payments for Donations and Accommodations & Registration (PAR)

This is a great option that works for donations to our camp, or to pay for your accommodations and registration.

On the 20th of each month a predetermined (by you) amount of money is taken from your bank account or Visa or Mastercard card and deposited into Berwick Camp’s bank account. This form of donating or prepaying for your accommodation and registration allows the camp to have cash flow throughout the fall and spring months. We are then able to accomplish all that has to be done to make the camp ready or build new buildings before the camping season starts each year.

Imagine when you get your registration form from the Registrars in May that everything is already paid for the coming camp!

Please give careful consideration to making this your easy way to make a donation or to prepay your fees for our yearly camp. PAR can be stopped at any time if this does not work for you. 

For those already on PAR an increase or making a separate payment for your Accommodations and Registration is easily arranged.

On the PAR form linked below, please fill out name and monthly amount to be given. Under LOCAL CHURCH put a donation amount, under OTHER put amount to be applied to Accommodation/Registration. Attach a void cheque if you wish to do debit or put your Visa/Mastercard number plus the expiry date on the form in the proper place. Don’t forget to sign it!!

To make arrangements for PAR payments, or to change any existing PAR payments, please contact one of our co-treasurers: 

Wendy C. Levo
Anne Levo Harrop
United Church Camp Meeting Association (UCCMA)
303-51 Wimbledon Road
Bedford, NS
B4A 3M7
Anne Mobile: (902) 483-1936
Wendy Mobile: (902) 430-3348

Thank you so much for your donations and using PAR as a form of payment.

adobePDF Click here to download our PAR Form now >>>