Berwick offers something for everyone. Here is just a taste of some of the programs we have waiting for you…



Daily worship is lead throughout the week by our Theme Speaker. Services are held each evening and all are welcome.

Theology For Today

Theology for today is held each weekday morning.


Early each weekday morning, join fellow campers as they gather and worship in an early morning celebration. A special way to start your day.


Under the direction of our Music team we are blessed to have a wonderful opportunity to partake in the musical celebration at camp.

Youth Group

Youth from grades 6 right up through high school are encouraged to attend the Youth Group activities offered each weekday morning from 9:30 am until 11:30am. 

Vacation Bible School

Each weekday morning from 9am til 11:30am, children aged four up to and including children going into grade 5 are welcome to learn about the Bible. 


During weekday mornings, parents of babies and toddlers are invited to gather at the back of the Upper Camp ground for free play time. The nursery has an enormous sandbox, a shaded play area, diaper changing facilities, and a washroom close by.

Recreational Activities

Fun activities are planned for all ages and interests throughout the week.  Join in a game of horseshoes, washer toss, 3 on 3 basketball, volleyball, scavenger hunts …. Always lots of opportunity to have some good-natured competition!

Inclusive Camping Experience (ICE)

Berwick is working to be as inclusive as possible and in 2013 started a new program. As parents and friends of people who have intellectual disabilities we have seen some of the ways that Berwick shines as an example of inclusivity and also where some improvements would benefit everyone. We are proud to have Berwick Buddies: a peer visitation program and Respite Providers: to provide accompaniment for campers with intellectual or physical disabilities so that they (or caregivers) are able to attend programming or have some personal time.

adobePDF ICE Program Brochure and Sign Up